Take a sip, and feel alive!
ShapeUp, a sports center initiative, gave birth to ShakeUp, with its healthy and delicious blends, under the motto "the taste of your life."
We created hashtags that would resonate with both our consumers and our brand identity, and built the brand identity around these hashtags. #ShakeForLife #ShakeForHealth #ShakeForLove #ShakeForWorld #ShakeForMood #ShakeForPet #ShakeDaily

Logo & Visual Concept 
Branding & Art Direction 
Packaging Design

Our Design Strategy

We incorporated the vibrant world of smoothies and juices into our visual identity. We designed a versatile logo family and animation that references the mixing of multiple ingredients in the beverages with a shaking effect. Each logo was combined with a hashtag, creating a dynamic identity for our brand.

Target Audience
Class A, Women + Men, Age between 25-55, Sportive people who cares themself

Fun, Creative, Healthy, Sustainable, Fluid, Colorful, Exciting, Minimal as possible
Client: ShapeUp
Photography: Rp Studios


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