is a collaborative 
contemporary art 
platform, safely 
connecting art and 
technology. emerged as a reaction to bridge the gap between contemporary art and technology by fostering a virtual space that connects independent artists, galleries and collectors with each other. provides two main services:
As an art platform, let you tokenize, collect and (re)sell your artworks. The other one is a digital certification service for your collection. At this point, we designed a corporate identity and platform that would serve both artists and collectors simultaneously.
Strategy & Consultancy 
Branding Design 
Logo & Visual Concept 
UX / UI Design

Our Design Strategy

In our lives, we feel the presence of technology a little more each day. Our ways of doing business and our formats are continually being updated in every field., on the other hand, offers the most contemporary and technological solutions in the field of art. ​​​​​​​We designed our corporate identity based on the idea of shaping the future by drawing inspiration from the past, and we told our story that extends from tradition to the digital realm. By animating letters that constantly change and digitize, we enhanced the appeal of our identity and reinforced the sense of liveliness and continuity in our story.

Target Audience
Class A, Women + Men, Age between 25-55, Artist, Galleries, Collectors
Mono + Collaboration, Contemporary, Coin = monoco
Unique, Technological, Trustworthy, Convincing, Art full
Lead & Brand Designer: Acelya Kirmali
UX/UI Designer: Seyit Ali Baser
Graphic Designer: Bora Civelek
Development Lead: Mahmut Ugur Ceker

All artworks are using in this project belong to their owners.


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