EKO'Bi fikrimiz var!
EKOBi is an online service that provides information about sustainability to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).
Customers purchasing EKOBi will be large financial institutions or big companies that work with numerous suppliers/sellers, while the users of EKOBi will be SMEs. At this juncture, we have designed a corporate identity that can simultaneously cater to two distinct target audiences.

Brand Strategy
Logo & Visual Concept 
Branding & Art Direction 

Our Design Strategy

We aimed to design a flexible identity that could keep up with the relentless pace of our evolving and changing world. In the design of our emblem, we merged the letter "e" of Ekobi with the circular form and movement of the Earth. By incorporating our emblem into the logotype, we reinforced its memorability. When creating the visual world of our identity, we utilized the naturally occurring captivating patterns of our planet.
Target Audience
Traders, industrialists, and owners/top-level executives of production-oriented SMEs, Aged between 35 and 55, With an educational background of high school and above, Who aim to advance their SMEs in green transformation, Curious and open to innovations.

Ecology + SME, Professional, Reliable, Knowledgeable, Genuine, Understandable, Accessible, Modern, Technological
Client: Esmiyor
All artworks are using in this project belong to their owners.

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